Strike a Pose – About Sexual Positions

There is no perfect position for fucking. The fun is in switching from one to the other, trying out different angles and nifty moves — though be careful not to pull a muscle or break your back. If you haven’t yet tried all of the following, give them a go. But be careful not to fall off any furniture.

Bottom on top
The top is on his back with the bottom sitting on him, facing him. If the bottom is anxious about pain or he suspects the top will be too impatient, this is a good position to start. It gives the bottom control about the speed and depth of entry. The top can be passive and let the bottom ride him at his own pace, or the bottom can lean forward, to kiss maybe, thus shifting his weight to his legs, so the top can thrust upwards freely.

If the top has a flexible back and/or the bottom has a big dick, the following may work. The top grabs the edge of the bed behind his head and pulls his legs towards him. This will bring the bottom’s cock within range of the top’s mouth, so he can suck the bottom while he stays inside him. It is more a neat trick than a relaxed pose, but fun for extra credit.

A variation on the initial position would be the bottom turning his back to the top, so the top has a view of his dick sliding inside. The top doesn’t even have to fully withdraw during the rotation: if the bottom is fairly limber, he can turn around without needing to go upwards. Looking at the top’s feet may feel a bit impersonal for the bottom, unless they turn him on, but a strategically placed mirror can do wonders for keeping eye contact. From this position the bottom can lean back against the top so he is lying on him entirely, spreading his legs a little for balance. This allows for a lot of body contact, hugging and maybe even kissing if you did yoga, but don’t sprain your neck. Unless the bottom weighs very little, it likely won’t be comfortable to hold this position for long.

Sexy spooning
A pretty relaxed position is side-by-side, the top lying on his side behind the bottom. If you are not orgasm-oriented, you can even fall asleep in this position, the top still inside the bottom. Discuss this a little beforehand so nobody will be offended if one of you starts snoring. There are variations on this position. If the top lifts and holds the leg of the bottom, this will allow him deeper entry. The bottom can turn a little towards the top so they can kiss. Changing the angle a little further, this can end up with the bottom on his back with his legs up and the top still on his side at a 90 degree angle, forming a T-like shape. It allows for eye-contact, but not kissing, unless you have lips like Mick Jagger’s. Facing each other but being out of reach can be frustrating but also as a nice way to build up tension for the moment when you finally kiss again.

Face to face
The bottom is on his back with his legs over the shoulders of the top, or folded across his back. At certain moments, the top may want to spread the legs of the bottom, holding the ankles with his hands to lean back a little and get a better view of the point of entry. Or he can go for a different angle by having one leg over his shoulder while he holds the other at a specific height. The top can also change the angle by moving his legs closer against the bottom’s butt, lifting it off the bed. If the bottom is flexible, the top can bend his back a bit, to the point where the top’s legs are pretty much stretched out and he is fucking the bottom from above like he is doing push-ups. If you are the one getting plowed this way by a top who is being a bit too enthusiastic and comes close to breaking your back or neck, carefully push him back down a bit. These positions allow intense eye contact, lots of body contact and kissing. The bottom’s dick is also easy to reach in most variations, meaning he can be jerked off during the act.

The legs-over-shoulders position can be a good one to start with if the bottom is nervous about pain from initial entry. The top can slip a condom over his dick, slap a lot of lube on both butt and cock and just play around a little with careful, slow pushes at the target while he kisses and touches his partner, relaxing and distracting him. If done properly, the bottom may be pleasantly surprised to find himself getting fucked with minimal discomfort. The top does have to be careful when thrusting though; he can go in very deep in this position, and that may be painful.

Watch out, behind you!
The bottom is leaning on his hands and knees, while the top, also on his knees, enters him from behind. This ‘doggy-style’ is very popular with many tops, as they can watch themselves slide inside and they can control the speed and depth of the fuck. There can also be some ass-slapping, if that turns both parties on. For more physical contact, the top can lean forward and ‘hug’ the bottom, but kissing will only be possible if the top is the longer one of the two men. Direct eye-contact is also tricky, but a mirror can help out.

For a different angle, the bottom can bend forward until he is leaning on his elbows, essentially raising his butt up in the air for easy access. If arms or knees are starting to feel tired, the bottom can simply lower himself flat onto his stomach with the top on top. If the bottom’s legs are together, his butt will serve as a natural bumper to make the penetration less deep. That can be good if the bottom wants to limit how deep the top goes, without the top having to hold back on his strokes. If the bottom wants it all the way, he should spread his legs, with the top in between them.

“I like any position that allows me to keep eye contact. Some guys use sex as escapism and want to stay emotionally distant, but for me fucking is a way to make an intense and intimate connection with somebody, even if it is just for a moment. Because of that, kissing and eye contact are very important to me.”
– Michael

On the edge
There is fun to be had at the edges of beds, couches and tables. Bottoms can lean forward over them or hang their butt over the edge while on their back, to give it up to a standing top. If the top is a tall guy or the bed relatively low, he can pull a partner who is lying on his back upwards by his legs until the bottom is just leaning on the bed with his shoulders. Another interesting variant is as follows: the bottom guy is lying at the edge of the bed on his back and holds up his own legs while the standing top fucks him. There is no physical contact apart from the point of penetration. This allows all sensation to be centered on the bottom’s butt and the top’s dick. Also try out balancing acts with a hammock or a sling if there is one available.

Take a seat
The top is sitting, his legs stretched out in front of him. The bottom sits down on his cock, facing him, folding his legs behind the top’s butt. At the same time, the top folds his legs behind the bottom’s butt. To stay in balance, it helps if the couple holds each other tight, or they can lean back, away from each other, leaning on their arms. Movement is relatively limited, but the balanced hugging variation is an intimate one that is fairly easy to hold for a long time. If the bottom shifts into a crouch from this position, this gives more room for movement, but it will also wear him out quicker.

Sitting on a guy’s lap outside of the bed can also be a fun ride, either facing each other or from behind. If you are doing it on a chair, you will have to figure out the best angle and where you leave your limbs on a case-by-case basis, depending on the design of the chair and your respective heights. But make sure the chair is sturdy enough to survive a good pounding, so you won’t find yourself suddenly on the ground.

“I once hurt my back during one of those advanced Kama Sutra positions, but the moments of pleasure were totally worth the moments of pain.”
– Jerry

Stand and deliver
Fucking a guy while standing, works best if both participants are about the same height. If that is not the case, then the taller guy will have to keep his legs constantly bent, which may not be comfortable for a longer period of time. If differences in height make certain positions tricky for you and your lover, look around the house for furniture or props that could help you out, like something to stand on. The partners can have a full-body hug, chest against back, or the bottom can lean forward over something, basically forming a standing doggy-style position.

A neat trick is fucking a guy while carrying him, bouncing him on your cock. But this only works if the top’s back is strong and the bottom is light. The bottom starts on his back at the edge of the bed, putting his legs around the standing top’s back as he slides inside and bows down a little. The bottom puts his arms around the top’s shoulders and the top grabs the bottoms ass, as the top stands up straight again, lifting the bottom off the bed. To lessen the weight, the bottom can be pushed up against a wall while the top fucks him. However, beware that this position will ultimately tend to fall more under the category ‘Look at what I can do!’ rather than be really comfortable.

Switch, bitch!
As is already clear from the description of some of the positions, it is often possible to go from one to another without pulling out. Be creative in shifting legs and arms around and make clear which position you are trying to get into, so your partner can help and make it a joint effort. If signals aren’t sufficient, don’t hesitate to give some verbal instructions, saying which body-part should be end up where. And if the top accidentally pops out, no big deal, try again next time. Pulling off a transition like this successfully however, could make you feel like a couple of athletes on your way to the gold medal for fucking. Which is a very sexy medal to have.

Last edit: 10-12-2018  Dutch version here.

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