Gay & Happy – the Book

A print version of Gay & Happy (2013) is still available, but please note that the book has not recently been updated, unlike the text on this site. The print version is available in the Netherlands through through Vrolijk and through The American Book Center (which offers international shipping).

Reviewers about the Dutch version of Gay and Happy:

‎”In the past decennia there have been various attempts to explain gay life to those who are new to our subculture and, it has to be said, Van Lijndens is the best I have seen so far. With its 250 pages this ‘guide for the modern gay man’ is pretty hefty and complete.” (Review by ZiZo magazine, Sept/Oct)

“When reading Gay and Happy, experienced gay men will recognize a lot of their own issues as well as the issues of others. Inexperienced guys will pick it up easily and eagerly to remind themselves about the do’s and don’ts of gay happiness (…)” (Review by Ihlia, the International Gay/Lesbian Information Center and Archive)

“Finally a stimulating book with tips for gay men, serious as well as fun.” (Dennis Boutkan, chairman COC Amsterdam)

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